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27 October 2020  |  garinfoadmin

The office you left before lockdown is not going to be the office you return to once the lockdown is lifted. You will be saying hello to masks, sanitizers, temperature checks, and social distancing.
The office you return to will present you with a new normal – something that you have not witnessed so far. We take a look at six safe workplace readiness essentials that we, at GAR Infobahn, have undertaken to ensure your safe return to your offices.

Preparing the building

While you have been coming to terms with the thoughts and apprehensions of returning to work, we at GAR Infobahn have planned and executed a series of measures. This includes enforcing elaborate cleaning procedures and pre-return inspections at regular intervals. We ensure frequent sanitization measures at all common areas and touchpoints to ensure that the environment and surfaces on the premises are kept free of the virus. Our adherence to ISHRAE COVID 19 guidelines in HVAC ensures that the air you breathe is clean and safe.

Preparing the workforce

We, in consultation with the companies working out of GAR Infobahn, have drawn up a detailed schedule of return to work. We have gone all out to mitigate your anxiety of returning to the workplace through efficient and effective change management planning and communications.

Screening and Access Control

At GAR Infobahn we religiously follow the protocols for safety and health checks that are laid down by the Government authorities. We ensure that we have stringent screening protocols at the entry points for all categories of associates, visitors, and vendors. We have reconfigured gathering and lobby areas for social distancing and ensured clear communications of building protocols through signages and floor markings. Our SOP provides guidelines and checklists for our partners to have a high level of preparedness in line with all guidelines and best practices. We have also disabled/ disinfected the touchpoints like access controls, elevator buttons, and adopted touchless technology in areas like taps, sanitizer dispensers, etc.

Social distancing

The Coronavirus spreads through contact, and we have introduced best practices like floor marking, queue managers, de-densification measures, etc. to facilitate effective social distancing in all common areas. While recommending the same to our occupiers, we are also closely working with them in measures like staggered arrival and departure of associates, and minimizing movements in common areas. In our move to go digital, we are in an advanced stage of introducing a mobile-based community app.

Reduced touchpoints & enhanced cleaning.

Your safety is in your hands, and you have to be careful about where you touch. While we have adopted industry-best cleaning and disinfecting practices, you have to be responsible for your own safety. Please keep yourself as well as your desk and immediate surroundings clean and limit in-person meetings. The high-touch shared tools, like whiteboard markers, will have to be kept away for a while, and it is ideal to lock away or carry home your desktop curios till we tide over this tough time.

Communication is the key

Our support staff will be around 24/7 to address all your issues. We know that you will have a lot of apprehensions and fears as you make your way back to work. We are happy to associate with your office and help communicate transparently and listen attentively to your staff. We are happy to establish effective two-way communication once you return to work.
And remember, your safety is in your hands. Make cleanliness a habit and practice hygiene. Wear masks in public. Carry a sanitizer and as soon as you return home, clean yourself with soap and water thoroughly. Stay careful, stay safe.