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Demand for Flexible Office Spaces to Boom Post-COVID?
27 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

According to a global study of 3000 workers by JLL, it has been seen that employees are keen to get back to the office as they have missed the social interaction facilitated by the office environment. However, the same employees also wanted the flexibility of working from home for a couple of days each week.

As a result, an increased demand for modern flexible office spaces paired up with numerous amenities and facilities is expected to rise in the post COVID era. Working from home during the lockdown period has made workers more aware of the benefits of complementary services and want the same from their work environment too. Older commercial buildings that don’t offer supplementary services to their employees are set to witness a lower demand.

Property owners will have to provide add-on services to create more resilient office spaces to retain their tenants. These high end ‘feel-good’ services can be related to sustainability, wellness solutions, safe working environment and digital technology. These features will not only increase interaction but boost employee productivity and creativity as well. Post COVID, corporate organizations will be increasingly on the lookout for amenity-rich, flexible or scalable office spaces as work destinations, rather than featureless, dull work spaces. This would be a tangible way of creating safe work spaces as employees are welcomed back to the physical office. JLL predicts that by 2030, about 30% of all offices will become flexible work spaces and key to employee satisfaction.

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Even as corporates are on the verge of welcoming back their workforce, they are re-looking at their office spaces to find ways to ensure employee well-being. There is greater collaboration expected on redesigning and repurposing of office spaces as ‘business-as-usual’ limps back to being the norm again.

At this point, a de-densification of office spaces is the need of the hour following the ‘hubs and clubs’ model. According to this model, office locations will be closer to where people live and opt more for flexible space models. Since flexible spaces are easier to acquire and come with numerous services, corporates are more likely to opt for this solution with growth expected to return to its pre-COVID rates soon.

For those on the lookout, GAR Infobahn in Hyderabad have an expansive business park project comprising 22+ impeccably-designed towers featuring both SEZ and Non-SEZ options. Over 10 million square feet of scalable office spaces built during the Phase 1, with 60,000 park users is already in place. These efficient ready-to-move-in floor plans offer scope for seamless modular expansion and are managed by the building owner. For a balanced work-life experience, the campus also offers world-class amenities including multi-cuisine food court, creche, fitness centre, outdoor sports zone, banking and ATM services, ambulance and medical services, power backup and professional security services.

All COVID protocols are also practised here including screening, sanitizing, segregation, social distancing and sensitizing.

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