WELL Health-Safety Rating Certification
12 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

As the country grapples with the pandemic and puts a new norm in place, we, at GAR Infobahn, are proud to have achieved the prestigious WELL Health-Safety Rating certification. This achievement embodies our organisation’s visible commitment to supporting the long-term health and safety of our building’s occupants – as we prepare for return to the office in a post-pandemic environment.

To the uninitiated, WELL Health-Safety Rating certification is a much-coveted achievement, a passport for health and safety that has become all the more significant during this COVID-19 pandemic. Comprised of over 600 experts from various fields, the WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management, helps businesses address the health and safety needs of their employees.

A WELL seal outside a building indicates that you can feel confident and safe inside the building’s interiors, as practical health and safety measures are being practiced there. The WELL Health-Safety Rating is designed to empower business owners and operators with evidence-based best practices for steering through this pandemic as well as preparing them for future health and safety issues.

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The WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party-verified rating system for all buildings and facilities and focuses on 22 strategies for operational policies, maintenance protocols and emergency schemes. The basics include:

  • Assessing air, ventilation and water quality
  • Keeping all spaces clean and sanitized
  • Providing basic health benefits and services
  • Emergency preparedness for everyone
  • Stakeholders engagement and communication for health and safety

This system of rating was created by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), an organization that oversees the advancement of health and safety needs within buildings. The system recognizes, validates and guides the efforts of building owners and operators on critical health and safety issues. Since transmission of infectious diseases like COVID-19 largely occurs within indoor spaces where people spend substantial amounts of time, the importance of health and safety practices within buildings cannot be over-emphasized.

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The completed Phase 1 of the prestigious 22+ multi-tower project owned and managed by GAR Infobahn builders in Hyderabad is the proud recipient of this much-coveted WELL Health-Safety Rating certification. This reflects on our deep commitment towards providing a healthy environment for the well-being of our clients.

The GAR Infobahn IT business park focuses on creating a work environment that inspires, energizes and evolves with its long-term vision. Over 10 million sqft of efficient floor plans with scope for seamless modular expansion have already been developed during the Phase 1 of GAR Infobahn’s SEZ and Non-SEZ project. There are over 60,000 park users already with a stable and diverse client base that includes key multi-nationals like Amazon, HCL, Pepsico, Cognizant, Capgemini, etc.

At GAR Infobahn, we go over and above our protocol and practice the 5 ‘S’ of COVID-19 protection. These include:

  1. Screening at entry points with thermal cameras and IR thermometers
  2. Segregating where needed in isolation rooms with medical and ambulance services
  3. Sanitizing premises regularly on a daily basis
  4. Sensitizing employees on health and safety
  5. Social distancing from one another

Aside from this, we use scientifically proven UV-C lamps which are known to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses. These GUV (germicidal UV) lamps are used in the AHU (Air handling units) system within the building as another supplemental measure for air disinfection. We also lay emphasis on following ISHRAE COVID-19 guidelines on air conditioning and ventilation, and adhere to the recommended temperatures and humidity levels within the building.

Following all these and more measures ensures that GAR Infobahn office spaces are safe for our building’s occupants as they prepare to return back to their offices.