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Personalized Workspace Design – Advantages
22 August 2021  |  garinfoadmin

As employees slowly return back to work at the office, corporate organizations are increasingly giving employees the opportunity to engage in designing their own workspaces. This has multiple benefits both for the employees as well as the employer. Studies...

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Maintaining Organization Culture during COVID-19
16 August 2021  |  garinfoadmin

While more people are working from home than ever before, the work output hasn’t been hit too drastically. However, one important aspect that has been disrupted is the work culture of an organization. A lot goes into cultivating an...

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Demand for Commercial Office Space for Lease and Rent in Hyderabad
10 August 2021  |  garinfoadmin

The promise of a potential vaccine on the horizon along with a dwindling fear of the pandemic renewed the demand for real estate in Hyderabad during the Q4 of 2020. According to a report by Knight Frank India, Q4...

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Hot property Deals in Kokapet Area
5 August 2021  |  garinfoadmin

Among the top cities in India, Hyderabad has been in the news lately for being the hottest destination for investment by top companies. Hyderabad city further cemented its position as being a real estate hotspot in the country during...

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How Much Office Space Do You Need?
1 August 2021  |  garinfoadmin

While there are a number of factors to be considered when looking to lease office space, the most important is the size, which comes in square footage. Getting the area of leased space right ensures that you don’t lease...

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Different Types of Office Space Leases
30 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

The norm with most businesses is to lease the required office space. It is the traditional way that big businesses embed roots over a long period of time. For first-time lessees (tenants), it is essential that they understand the...

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Companies are Leasing Larger Office Spaces
28 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

The ongoing pandemic has affected almost every industry sector and generally thrown life out of gear. With social distancing becoming the new norm, most companies are faced with two options: Work from home Provide larger office spaces In some...

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Demand for Flexible Office Spaces to Boom Post-COVID?
27 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

According to a global study of 3000 workers by JLL, it has been seen that employees are keen to get back to the office as they have missed the social interaction facilitated by the office environment. However, the same...

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Hyderabad Witnessing a Massive Surge in Office Space Deals
23 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

The COVID-19 pandemic had slowed down business activity across the country in an unprecedented manner. This included the realty sector in the charming city of Hyderabad too which has been witnessing an IT-driven demand for real estate since 2019....

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WELL Health-Safety Rating Certification
12 July 2021  |  garinfoadmin

As the country grapples with the pandemic and puts a new norm in place, we, at GAR Infobahn, are proud to have achieved the prestigious WELL Health-Safety Rating certification. This achievement embodies our organisation’s visible commitment to supporting the...